Roblox: 15 Best Horror Games

Roblox has a massive collection of games, some of which include a few scares. What are the best horror titles on the platform?

Despite its blocky quirkiness, the world of Roblox is inhabited by several spooky horror games. While the majority of them are still family-friendly and suitable for all ages, there are a few that are quite unsettling and intense.

Some of them are not recommended for younger children. This article will offer up some of the best current horror games in Roblox, and also let you know which ones you should be playing and which ones you probably shouldn’t.

Updated November 30 by Harry Alston: We’ve updated this list to curate some of the best horror games on the Roblox platform, as the best games regularly change. New updates, new games, and new experiences mean there’s always something new to check out. We’ve added Blair, the spooky voice chat game, and Playtime, a Roblox game based on the popular Poppy’s Playtime game from earlier this year.

15 Blair (Voice Chat)


Blair is inspired by Phasmophobia, the extremely popular horror-detective game from this year. You’re assigned a role of a ghost hunter and have to venture into some spooky locations with your friends. This Roblox game actually supports in-game voice chat – this helps you communicate with other ghost hunters and makes the experience scarier when you play with friends.

There are currently lots of different maps, ghosts, and evidence in the game, but also a number of bugs that the developer has pointed out themselves. Still, this game is a lot of fun right now and is one of the most popular horror games in Roblox.

14 Poppy Playtime – Story

Poppy Playtime Story4

Based on the super-popular horror game, Poppy Playtime – Story is basically a Roblox version of the game that you can play with your friends. The game takes place in an abandoned toy factory that is overrun with spooky toys that have come alive. Even if you’ve not played the horror game from earlier this year (it was very popular around Halloween), then you will love the scary experience.

You can play the game on your own or with your friends, though it’s a lot more fun with your friends. The main aim of the game is to find the special flower. Once upon a time, you used to work at the factory, but a LOT has changed. Have you got what it takes to make it out in one piece?

13 Scary Elevator

Roblox scary elevator

Elevator games are super popular. You descend down different floors and try to survive with your friends, each floor with a new horrifying encounter to experience. Will you make it to the bottom of the elevator? There are dozens of games like this in the horror genre on Roblox, just pick your favorite and get playing.

Scary Elevator has some brand new scary characters to encounter which has brought in lots of new players. Recent updates bring the number of floors up to a whopping 44, which means there is loads to see and do by the time you get to the bottom. You could also check out Scary Elevator 2.

12 The Horror Mansion

Roblox horror mansion

There’s nothing quite like a haunted mansion. It’s a classic in the horror genre, and this Roblox game manages to capture the pure fear of exploring dusty corridors and ominous rooms.

There are actually two of these games: The Horror Mansion and The HORROR Mansion. That first game is a bit lighter with some funny bits moments, whereas the second is all about the killers. No laughs here. Only fear. Check out either and decide for yourself which is better.

11 Dead Silence

Roblox dead silence corridor

Dead Silence is probably one of the most fun horror games to play with your friends, which you can do with up to four other players. More friends make the game less scary, although you might scare each other in the dark.

Basically a puzzle game, you need to explore spooky, dark rooms and hunt for keys. The keys often change locations so no two playthroughs are the same. Beware though, because there is something in the dark hunting you.

10 Murder Mystery 2

murder mystery game roblox

Murder Mystery 2 is a very popular Roblox game that is suitable for most ages. It’s a classic game of Cluedo, or Among Us, reimagined in Roblox. There is one murder per round, a group of innocents trying to figure out who did it, and a Sheriff who can help out.

Is it spooky? Not exactly, although the premise is a bit dark for young children. Thanks to the quirky graphics and comedy guns, there isn’t much difference between this Roblox game and a kid’s cartoon you’d see on morning TV.

Alone In A Dark House

alone in a dark house roblox

On the other side of the spooky spectrum, there is Alone In A Dark House. This one is a bit scary. It’s a classic horror set-up: an abandoned house full of secrets and hardly any lightbulbs. There are multiple endings to this somewhat story-based game, and not all of them are pleasant.

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You can play with a bunch of other players – which does make the experience a little less scary – or on your own for maximum fights. This game isn’t recommended for the little ones, as it can be unsettling.

Stop It, Slender!

stop it slender roblox game

There have been countless Slender games in Roblox and their popularity changes day by day. The most popular title in 2021 is Stop It, Slender!, an atmospheric and quite spooky game that involves finding hidden pages before the Slender finds you.

Stop It, Slender! has all the makings of a horror game: a flickering flashlight, a ruined, abandoned building, and, of course, the bizarre faceless Slender chasing you through the night. Even with all the blocky graphics and blurry textures, this game can make you jump.

The Mirror

roblox the mirror

The Mirror is another pretty unsettling Roblox game. It makes use of jump scares and dodgy noises to scare you. You’ll find yourself in some sort of underground bunker full of mirrors, although the mirrors aren’t exactly what they seem.

Again, this game can be played with other players, but it’s pretty much a solo experience. Recommended for younger children? Probably not, no. Instilling a fear of mirrors from a young age isn’t a great idea. Still, it’s a nice place to check out your free Roblox haircuts.

Zombie Attack

zombie attack roblox

This is basically a way more sedate version of Call of Duty: Zombies and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. It’s not realistic…at all. The animations and textures (and everything else) are all typically Roblox. Kids can definitely give this one a go.

How does the game work? Each round a group of players must defend against swarms of zombies. There are different guns and upgrades you can use. If you go down as a defender, you can respawn as a zombie, a bit like the Infected mode in Call of Duty.


piggy game roblox

What’s more sinister than a Pig wielding a baseball bat? Nothing. Nothing is more sinister. The Piggy series of Roblox games is a long-running popular franchise, if you can call Roblox games a franchise, that has attracted hundreds of thousands of players.

The game is simple: solve a puzzle while evading the staring, dead eyes of Piggy. The game is currently on its second book and the seventh chapter, and at the time of writing, it has over eight billion visits. That’s a lot of players.

Survive The Killer

roblox survive the killer

Noticing a trend in Roblox horror games? There are loads where you’re basically running away from something hunting you, and Survive the Killer embraces that concept. However, things are a bit different here since one player gets to be the killer each round.

This is another massively popular Roblox game in 2021, with a constant 10,000 plus playerbase. Like all other games on the platform, there are ways to grind up your character level for buffs and cosmetics.

The Mimic

the mimic roblox

Much like Slender, The Mimic is a story-based horror game where you enter an abandoned building (a high school this time around) on the search for clues. The game is currently in its third chapter and is one of the most popular horror games in Roblox this year.

The game uses spooky lighting, jump scares, and storytelling through notes dotted around the school. Is it suitable for young kids? Probably not, it’s one of the spookier games on this list.

Insane Elevator

insane elevator roblox

The premise of these games in Roblox is that you jump in an elevator with a chance of getting some in-game currency, but it’s usually something scary (a Slender, a Piggy, some Zombies). It’s played with a bunch of other players.

Insane Elevator isn’t too scary, which is why it’s one of the most popular horror games in Roblox. Suitable for all ages, the number of other players all clumped together kind of makes this game more fun than spooky.

Breaking Point

breaking point roblox

Breaking Point was originally banned on Roblox but is currently one of the most popular games on the platform. It’s a sort of murder mystery type game where players take it in turns to take down everyone else.

The last player alive wins the game, a bit like the classic game Werewolf. Is the game scary? Well, it’s quite dark, but that’s about as far as the scariness goes.

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